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A beginners guide to white water SUP #4 – Community!

Having really gotten into white water stand-up paddling boarding (SUP) in the last year, I decided to put together a series of white water SUP focused articles. The articles are to help guide beginners in white water SUP and each article has a different focus and a different guest writer. My first article was an introduction to the series and a focus on the different boards you find in SUP. My second article looked at the moves on white water that you can do on a SUP and how to achieve them. My third article looked at the safety considerations that should be taken.

This fourth and final article in my SUP series is going to look at the rapidly growing white water SUP community and how you can get involved. Thank you very much to Matt and Eddy for helping me out with this one!

Matt Stephenson

Matt Stephenson is one of the most lovable paddlers in the UK. Matt paddles in multiple disciplines including SUP. He is on the GB freestyle kayaking team, has just completed a river running expedition in Borneo, works as a raft guide AND still has time to wow us all on his SUP. Here he talks about the UK white water SUP community.

Matt and our friend Joe getting ready for some white water SUP!

Tell us about the white water SUP community here in the UK!

‘The white water SUP community is relatively in its youth, in comparison to other outdoor adventure sports like windsurfing or kayaking. In other parts of the world, like the States, white water SUP is a much more established sport. In the UK however, it is still relatively new. Whilst there are a growing number of people who do it, the sport in the UK is still in its infancy.

‘That means that we have a really awesome energy to the community. Everybody is relatively new to it and that in itself is really cool. Everybody is learning and this means the sport is evolving at a really fast pace. People are trying new things but there are many things in white water SUP which are very novel for everybody. Everyone is still a relative beginner when it comes to white water SUP!

Showing off my beginner vibes at HPP. Photo: Tom Clare

‘The community is definitely growing. It is really exciting seeing all the different hubs popping up already the UK. There are groups based around the white water course such as Holme Pierrepont (HPP). Then there are little communities of paddlers wherever you might find regular white water, such as down in Dartmoor, South Wales and of course Scotland! It is amazing to think of all these paddlers forming their own little communities and going out to paddle together.

‘Often these groups will then come together to paddle with each other at events and festivals. There are now annual white water SUP specific here in the UK every year. Other paddling events which have previously involved canoe and kayaking only are now branching out to include white water SUP. It is a great chance to come together and meet other white water SUP paddlers. Or for non SUP paddlers to give it a go!

Myself and Matt with our 1st and 2nd place SUP awards having competed together in the rough waters SUP event at the kayaking world championships last Summer. Photo: Jack Grace

‘For myself personally, the Nottingham community is really cool. A lot of effort has been put in by a number of people to establish that community. There are always really cool vibes that you get when paddling down at the course with the paddleboarders. Some nights the paddleboards even outnumber the playboats! It is all about having fun and just giving it a good crack. Everyone is there to try new things and to have a laugh. It is exciting, energetic and above all fun.’ See Matt’s video below!

Thank you Matt for being an instrumental part of making the white water SUP community here in the UK as wonderful as it is!

Eddy Williams

Eddy Williams is another Nottingham local who regularly paddles white water SUP. As one of the younger members of our HPP SUP club, I asked Eddy if he would like to be involved in this final article. I wanted to be able to share a younger point of view of white water SUP. So over to Eddy!

Eddy styling it at HPP! Photo: Tom Clare

Tell us about yourself and how you got into white water SUP

‘I am 17 and attend sixth form in Nottinghamshire. I have been white water SUP paddling for about 5 years. I first got into paddling when I joined HPP Canoe Club. I had paddled whilst on holiday in 2012 in the Isles of Scilly and wanted to take it up as a sport. I initially kayaked but after a couple of years moved onto SUP.

‘My first experience of white water SUP was with Barry Hughes from Nottingham WWSUP. He let me try a SUP on the white water course one day. I paddled through Inlet gate which is the first stopper on the course and I have been hooked ever since.’

This is Inlet gate! Photo: Tom Clare

Tell us about your experience with the white water SUP community

‘None of my friends did anything like this and so the community from the canoe club have been very important to me. The club helped me to gain confidence initially on white water through kayaking. I was then able to be involved and a part of the emerging white water SUP community at HPP.

‘Meeting, paddling and learning from people like Barry and Beth has been massively influential in my progression and I have come to know and be friends with many other paddlers at HPP. Everyone is welcoming to all comers. No-one judges you, everyone is just there to have a good time and help each other.

Eddy smashing through a stopper at HPP. Photo: Tom Clare

‘I am looking to compete in some races next year and I have started my coaching journey hoping to complete my white water SUP discipline specific training in Wales in February. My plan is to return to HPPCC to coach and support people to experience white water SUP and hopefully enjoy it as much as I do.’

Big thank you to Eddy for getting involved in this article and sharing his thoughts. Eddy is a talented paddler and will no doubt flourish as a coach as well. Good luck with your course Eddy!

Eddy mastering levitation whilst I struggle to get back on my feet in the background! Photo: Tom Clare

How can you get involved?

A lot of my kayaking friends have asked me why I am spending so much time on a SUP. My answer is always that it is so much fun!

As Matt said in his article, everyone still has so much to work on in white water SUP. Everyone is learning and there really is no ego involved. I enjoy my SUP sessions as much as I do because of the great community I have access to here in Nottingham. In the warmer months, we will often have 10-15 SUP paddlers attend the evening sessions at HPP. You can imagine the SUP carnage that ensues with that many people! It is genuinely so much fun and some a brilliant way to spend a few hours.

All of the fun! Photo: Tom Clare

I have included a few links to groups for local areas and white water SUP coaches if you are interested in finding that community for yourself. As always – please do get in touch if you have any questions!

Links to the white water SUP community


Antony Ing – North Wales

Beth Kirby – Nottingham

Barry Hughes – Nottingham

Tom Westaway / Westaway Adventures – Dartmouth

Jess Philip / Dipper Paddle Boarding – Scotland


Nottingham (UK) – Trent White Water SUP Community & Nottingham Whitewater SUP

Matlock (UK) – Matlock Whitewater SUP

South Wales (UK) – South Wales Whitewater SUP

UK – White water SUP UK

World wide – Whitewater SUP,

I have only included groups and coaches that I know of personally. If you know of a UK based white water specific SUP coach or group that I should add to the list. Do add a comment to let me know!

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